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Are you finding most of the hotels to be over your budget for your stay in Melbourne? Take a look at the cheap hotel Melbourne by Homestay Melbourne. This rooming house offers rooms with all the facilities of a home and yet give your the privacy and comfort of a hotel room. The charges are economical compared to a hotel and thus will fit your budget if you are planning for a budgeted holiday. You can stay at this cheap hotel Melbourne with your family and enjoy some comfortable family time. You can either cook some tasty meals for yourself or pre-order them from arestaurant for the number of days you would stay. Go ahead and enjoy some happy stay in Melbourne. 

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People visiting Melbourne for various purposes are always on a lookout for cheap accommodation options. Homestay Melbourne offers cheap hotel Melbourne that is best suited for low budget travelers. Families on a vacation, travelling professionals or students prefer to have a comfortable room to stay that does not cost a lot as they would be travelling on a limited budget. The rooms at cheap hotel Melbourne are apt for such people are they get the privacy and facilities of any good hotel but at a cheaper price. You can either stay for one day or weeks together at this place without any worry.

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